Nolan's Story

Nov 6th 2021

Nolan Pitti, a former Specialist in the U.S. military, grew up playing sports in the suburbs of Los Angeles. He made a living working odd jobs, but it was military service that really captured his attention. Nolan enlisted in 2010 at the age of 24 and was stationed at Fort Polk in Louisiana before deploying to Afghanistan later that year.

Nine months into his deployment Nolan’s convoy was transporting materials for a construction project when their vehicle rolled over a roadside bomb.

"The last thing I remember is approaching a checkpoint and seeing the Afghani military washing their uniforms in a river. The next thing I know, we woke up underneath the truck to gunshots and people screaming."

Nolan suffered a traumatic brain injury and had to have surgery to repair the broken bones in his face. Doctors prescribed him a combination of opioids to deal with the pain but the prescriptions provided little relief. He quickly became addicted and fell into a vicious cycle of debilitating withdrawals.

After years of struggling, Nolan finally decided to get help. He started seeing a therapist a couple times a week, stopped using prescription medications and found relief with CBD.

Today, Nolan works as a Product Manager at Innovative Extracts. He’s passionate about life again and enjoys helping others find solutions to alleviate their pain.

"When I tell customers about my routine they are a little skeptical at first, but then I share how CBD helps with my pain, anxiety, and PTSD, and 90% of the recommendations I make is what they end up buying."

Nolan’s Favorite Innovative Extracts Products: Lemon Tincture & Night Time CBD Gummies (with Melatonin)